Glendale Tourism and Limo Service

Glendale Tourism and Limo Service

When you’re stuck on the busy streets of Los Angeles all week long for work, you no doubt want to get away from it all. Fact is, Glendale, CA might just be the perfect retreat from everything that makes Los Angeles the stress filled area that it is today. When it’s time to do a little sightseeing with some friends or family, Glendale offers some good escapes at the last minute with no reservations required!

Mount Gleason

Named after a resident of the early days of LA County, George Gleason built a rough road to the top of this peak in the 1860’s. He discovered gold on the high part of the slope. From the 1880’s to 1900, Mount Gleason became a thriving gold mining area. It became a lookout point in the area in the early 1900’s and an army installation in the early 70’s. Now, you can head on up this peak and visit a piece of history in the Los Angeles area. With breathtaking views and an easy ride up, you’ve got the perfect getaway from the wild city of Los Angeles, right in the heart of Glendale.

Scholl Canyon Golf Course

Got a knack for a tricky golf course? The Scholl Canyon Golf Course in Glendale, CA has the perfect challenge for any seasoned golfer or first-timer. With uneven lies, and average-sized greens, this hilly golf course on the outskirts of Glendale is sure to pose a bit of a challenge for you, but still offer some relaxing time with friends or family, whether you’re hitting 9 holes or all 18.

Alex Theatre

When the day is over, head on over to Alex Theatre in Glendale for a variety of shows, arts, and other special events. The Alex Theatre is a historical landmark in the area. Built in the early 1930’s, Alex is the centerpiece of talent in Glendale, and attracts more than 130,000 people across nearly 300 events on a yearly basis. If nothing, you can at least grab a tour of the amphitheater style venue for a true taste of history.

If you’re truly out to relax when you visit the Glendale area, consider limousine services in Glendale, CA. With accommodations for small families, as well as the capabilities to transport 30 people in our stylish party busses, you’ll find that avoiding the traffic helps to reduce the stress that you’re out to avoid in the first place.